Depending on usage, your watch should last several days before needing to be recharged. 

You have two options to charge your watch: 

  1. Take it off and put it on a charging dock plugged into the wall
  2. Continue to wear your watch, and charge it using the external battery pack that easily clips on to the side of the watch face

To charge with the dock, simply plug the dock into a regular wall outlet and place the watch in the curved slot with the three metal pins on the side of the watch (9 o'clock position) facing down. The watch should magnetically clip into place. Make sure the watch face is pointed away from the cord coming out of the back of the dock. The watch takes a little over one hour to charge completely.

If you do not want to remove your watch to charge it, you may use the external battery pack included with your device to charge your watch while keeping it on your wrist.

First, make sure the external battery pack is charged. To do so, place it on the back of the charging dock with the curved side down. When the charging pack is charging, the blue light will flash. The external charging pack will fully charge after 2 hours.  

To charge your watch, place the external battery pack so the 3 pins on the left side of the watch match the 3 pins on the external charging pack. The blue light will flash. The watch screen will turn green and state, “Watch Charged,” when complete.

TIP: Make sure the watch, charger, and portable charging pack are dry before charging. Charging when moisture is present can cause a fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the watch or other property. Avoid charging in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Charging or using the watch in an area with a potentially explosive atmosphere, such as in areas where the air contains high levels of flammable chemicals, vapors, or particles may be hazardous. Obey all signs and instructions.

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