Congratulations on receiving your watch! Your watch comes pre-configured and automatically connected to cellular networks.  All you need to do is try it on, adjust the band to fit your wrist, and start wearing it! 

Adjusting the band

You may need to adjust the size of the band to fit your wrist.  Try the watch on to see if you need to make it looser or tighter.  If you need to adjust it, follow the steps below until you achieve a good fit. 


You watch should arrive fully charged. To make sure your watch that it is, plug your charging dock into a nearby outlet, place the watch on the dock facing away from the charging cable, and ensure that the watch illuminates with the green "Charging" screen, as shown below.

IMPORTANT: The watch is not correctly placed on the dock and is not charging unless you see the green screen. It’ll take about an hour to fully charge. The screen will say “fully charged” once it’s completed and ready for use.

Now you're ready to start wearing it! To ensure it fits properly, see the section on fitting your watch.

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