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Details about our NFT badges
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The Contracts

All 101 badges are non-transferrable ERC-721 NFTs. Our platform currently supports badge issuance on the Polygon and Celo blockchain networks.

Here are the contract addresses:

Polygon: 0x813147e63c5B8FE2E8fb75df26f15186874b3901 

Celo: 0x36602cC7600469F7f2b32049Af8c0F4Eb6C3A890

The Metadata

All 101 badges share the same metadata standard, which is as follows:

export interface BadgeMetadata {
// Course/Badge Name
name: string;
// Description of the course taken and knowledge conveyed
description: string;
// URI of image
image: string;
// Tags
tags: string[];
// URL to link to
external_url?: string;
// 101 ID
external_id?: string;
// All the fun properties
properties: {
// Name of the course taken
course_name: {
name: "Course Name";
value: string;
// ID of the course taken
course_id: {
name: "Course ID";
value: string;
// Name of the course creator
creator_name: {
name: "Creator Name";
value: string;
// ID of the course creator
creator_id: {
name: "Creator ID";
value: string;
// Difficulty level
difficulty: {
name: "Difficulty";
value: number;
display_value: "Easy" | "Moderate" | "Hard" | "Expert";
// Course version number
version: {
name: "Version";
value: number;
// Course tags
tags: {
name: "Tags";
value: string[];
// Course category
category: {
name: "Category";
value: string;
// Course category
course_url: {
name: "Course URL";
value: string;
// Visibility
visibility: {
name: "Visibility";
value: "public" | "private" | "unlisted";
// Verified Humanity
verified_human: {
name: "Verified Humanity";
value: boolean;
// Date Completed
completed: {
name: "Date Completed";
value: Date;
display_value: string;

To see a real example of our metadata in IPFS, click here.

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