Manage Your Account

  • Access the My Account section to Add Funds to your account, request Withdrawals, view system Messages, view and edit Account and Security details, set a New Password or other credentials, view your Bet History or view your Account History.

Modify Your Dashboard Layout

  • Pop out a video player using the pop out icon in the Video Player header. This will put the video stream in a new window. Close it anytime OR select a different stream to play in that remote player. When you click close the video remote window, your player will pop back into the dashboard. You can close these anytime. The next time you request a video in that position, it will appear inside the dashboard on demand.

  • Resize or minimize the widgets. Events, Featured Pools and Bets Widgets can all be adjusted to your preferences. Drag the dots at the bottom or click on the chevrons in the widget header to perfect your personal dashboard. We will remember how you leave things and on your next visit, things will be just how you left them.

  • Sort the information by clicking the column headers. Not all columns are sort able but most are.

  • Filter events by type, pool and favorites using dropdown menus to easily focus on the events you want to see.

  • Filter Wagers by Track and/or Race in the Bets widget.

  • Your dashboard layout and view options are saved automatically so when you return you’re ready to go. No need to set everything up again. You can also reset the dashboard if you want to start over with the default settings. Just go to My Account, then Account & Security info. Scroll down to find the reset UI button.

Account Info

  • See Account Balance, In-play and On-hold Amounts. Access funding options though the "Add Funds" button. Access your account. Click “My Account” to view Bet and Transaction Histories, Messages and more. Change account or security settings. Reset Confirmations and Dashboard UI defaults.

  • All of your account information is available in one convenient place.

  • Quickly Add Funds in the My Account section by clicking the Add Funds icon in the site header, in the upper right.

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  • Click My Account to access your Bet History, Transaction History, Messages and Withdraw funds. Change Account and Security Information like email address, password, etc in My Account, too.

  • Your Bet History and Transaction History have an infinite scroll and you’ll see different tabs that will change your viewing options.

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  • A number badge on My Account indicates that you have unread Messages. Click on My Account then Messages to read them.

  • You can choose to show or hide your Account Information in the header anytime by toggling the chevrons (< >).

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