• Once you are logged into your 123Bet.com online wagering account, choose a Track from the Events widget or select a track from the dropdown menu in the Bet Pad. The Bet Pad then populates with the wagering options for the race you selected or the next available race for the track selected.

  • Choose a Pool. Betting options will be displayed depending on the pool type selected.

  • Select your Runners by selecting the boxes next to the runner in the appropriate column. As you build your wager, you will see your selections in the Bet Details widget.

  • Enter your wager amount then click "Bet Now" to submit your Bet. To save the wager for submission later, select Queue Bets.

  • Track all of Today’s Wagers in the Bets Widgets. You will also see your active and queued wagers within individual tabs in the wager pad area. These tabs only display when there are wagers to display for the selected track/race loaded in the wager pad. You can see all active and queued wagers in the Wagers widget.

  • You can also apply filters to locate the items you are looking for. Click on a wager to expand it to view additional options.

For more information and available wager types, please click here.

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