123Bet.com offers FREE handicapping advice and expert picks from our in-house and professional handicappers.

What is handicapping?

Handicapping, in short, refers to analyzing the race to come up with best predicted outcome, or pick. There are many angles when it comes to picking a winner. Using help from our in-house & professional handicappers, you can determine your own angle on placing a bet. We offer our in house handicappers, Lucky Lou and Parlay Paul, while also offering picks from professional handicappers Toby Callet as well as Bob Ehalt and Matthew Shifman of the NY Hot List.

To view our Expert Picks, please click on WHY WINNERS located on the Winners homepage header menu. Then select EXPERT ADVICE from the drop down menu.

Look here to view our current day free Expert Picks.

Please note, our daily Expert Picks are typically available each day by 11:30am ET on the 123Bet.com website.

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