We always strive to get your paper tickets to you on time and our record is very good. 

However, sometimes it just isn’t possible for various reasons, like traffic, bad weather, flash floods, alien invasions, meteor strikes or sinkholes. If you haven’t received your tickets on the day/time you requested get in touch with our customer service team here and they will do everything they can to get the tickets to you at a time that suits you. 

We'd recommend reading the below first though, you never know, we may have already answered!

I ordered and I don't remember choosing a delivery date, what gives?

Sounds like the classic 'pre-sale' switcheroo. So, pre-sale tickets are weird beasts. Promoters and venues start selling some events early, especially popular events. Now, the issue is that often the promoter / venue won't have even printed those tickets out. So if you're waiting for them, you're out of luck. If the event is on pre-sale then congrats! You've most probably got the best seats, but you'll need to be patient. Once we receive the tickets, we'll contact you and arrange for your delivery.

My SF tracking number is showing as delivered, but I don't have my tickets?! HEEELLLLP!
Often SF drivers will leave packages with building securities or receptions, if you haven't received your tickets but your tracker is showing as delivered then head to that way and ask, if you need help with Chinese just give us a call and we'll chat to them for you. If they don't have them let us know and we'll contact the courier straight away to get to the bottom of it

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