Your account section is where you have access to everything you could possibly want. Your order history, your coupons, addresses and where your phone number or email address is linked. Adding all your information to your account allows you to checkout much easier in the future and means we can get in touch with you when we need to. You also are able to take advantage of the many promotions we give to our members.

Remember, if you ordered or came on to the site while in WeChat and you're now accessing the site from outside of WeChat you'll need to login using WeChat. Just simply click the 'my account' button, click WeChat login and scan the QR code. 

Here is a some questions and answers about the account section.

Where is it?

Here's a screen shot of where you account is: just click on the highlighted button and you if you're already logged in you'll see your account.

It will look slightly different on mobile:

So where can I see my order history? 

Once you're logged in just head here:

And then you'll see all your order history:

How do I add my email address and / or phone number?

We try and encourage everyone to verify their details, just head to 'my info':

You can then add and verify all your details.

Have an explore - we're adding more functionality all the time.

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