We have been getting some cases of the 'pay now' button not working on the payment page. Our tech team are working on fixing it, but the problem seems to be rare and very sporadic, thus it's proving hard to replicate in order to fix.

If this happens to you, please try changing the internet browser and try to book again. If the problem persists please try to use a different device. If the problem STILL persists, give us a call on 021-54562471 or speak to us on live chat, we'll figure out a way to help you!

It would be really really helpful if you could leave us the following information if this issue occurs, this will give our tech team a fighting chance of making sure it never happens again:

  1. Which device are you using? (mobile or desktop? Mac or Windows? IOS or Android?)
  2. Which browser are you using? (e.g WeChat browser, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.)


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