This is a question we get asked quite regularly - in this situation you have either already booked tickets yourself and want to order more, or a friend/family-member/Tinder date has booked previously and you would like to book tickets to the same show and sit with them.

First of all, please note that if you're booking anymore than a few hours after the original order, it's quite likely that the neighbouring seats have been taken, especially for the more popular shows.

Please also remember that we cannot exchange or refund tickets, so if you decide you want more tickets after your original order we cannot move your original seats or refund you. Why? Simply because most event organisers and venues will not allow us to - it sucks but that's the way the cookie crumbles (trust us, it would save us SO many headaches if we could do this - we're on your side!)

However, we will always try to accommodate where we can. If you are booking tickets and want to sit next to your previous order seats, just let us know on live-chat or leave a remark in the payment section with the order number or seat numbers you would like to be near. We will place you as close as possible and let you know how we get on.

Happy ticket buying! 

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