When you created or edited a meeting type you can use it to get booked by clients. There are several ways to do this, we explain to you the most common ones. 

  1. Share the link of your meeting type
    You can copy the link that is created with the meeting type and send this to your client. By clicking the link he get's directly on the booking form that's attached to it.
  2. Put the link on your website
    On a team page, book a demo page or somewhere else on your website. It is really easy to just copy the link and use it as an hyperlink on a button or trigger words to lead someone to the booking form.
  3. Embed the booking form on your website
    With an iFrame you can easily embed the created meeting type on your website. Just click on embed and you will see the code that you have to copy and paste to your websites HTML. 

See how the embedded meeting type looks on our webiste:

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