In the 'addons' section you can find the add-ons that have already been enabled as 'Active' and the ones that still can be activated in 'Market' (addons are available only to users with an 'Admin' role)

Customised email templates

Email customization allows you to change the content of the emails both parties of a video meeting receive (that would include both user and guest(s). For example when a meeting is booked, rescheduled or about to start.


With this add-on you can send your guests a private message after the meeting. For example a short summary or a simple thank you note


Enable reviews to gather valuable feedback from your guests. You can edit the review questions (max 3) and let your guests rate you from 1-10 after your meeting ends.

Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar with our tool in order to automatically synchronise your availability. This prevents your customers from scheduling double meetings at times you already have other appointments in your schedule. 


Scheduling international meetings has never been this easy. Enable this addon to have international customers book a meeting via our planning tool which is autogenerated to your guest's timezone. 

note: remember to input the correct timezone from both 'Addons' and 'My Account' settings

Custom endpage redirect

This add-on allows you to send your guest to a custom page (URL) right after a video chat meeting. 

Audio by phone

With this add-on you'll have a backup option when you encounter connection issues. When you press the 'Audio by phone' button you and the guest are able to call a dial-in phone number. We will then connect you through the phone whilst your guest can still see you or your shared screen. 


With this add-on you can record your meetings. You have the choice to record all meetings or just selected meetings. You can choose to record video+audio or audio only.

SMS Notifications

With this add-on you can send SMS notifications to remind your guests about upcoming meetings.


Are you connected to the largest network for finding service providers 'Consumentenbond' in The Netherlands? If you have a profile at, you can enable this add-on in order to redirect customers after a meeting to allow them to fill out an official certified Advieskeuze review. 


With this add-on you can allow customers to get into a meeting with anyone available at that moment. With a Live Now form we will show the amount of online users. A customer can then join the meeting instantly without scheduling.


This add-on provides an option to show an animation in video meetings and activates holiday test music on the onboarding. 

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