In this module you can edit and adjust your availability to make sure your customers only schedule meetings in your agenda when you're actually available. Meetings that have been booked via 24sessions will appear automatically in your availability overview (and will automatically block that specific time slot).

Connect your Google, Office365 or Outlook calendar

Key advice is to connect your Google, Office365 or Outlook calendar to your 24sessions account. Your availability will be automatically adapted and synchronised with your agenda. You can also choose to let new scheduled meetings appear in your connected calendar.

How to block times

In the tab "Me" you can further personalise your agenda. 

To illustrate, you can adjust your availability in the menu by selecting a specific period (for example weekdays or weekends) or a specific day on which you are not available. Very convenient if you're working parttime!

You can also simply click the time slot you would like to block in the agenda. Click again to indicate whether you would like to repeat this block or just a one-time event (see example below).

Tip: if you click "Month" in the top right of your agenda, you can view your schedule on a monthly basis and select and block a whole day at once.

The remainder only applies to Admin users

In the tab "Someone else" in top of your screen, you can adjust the availability for your colleagues. It is also possible to adjust the availability of all your colleagues at once or specific teams. A must for e.g. team meetings! Just select the colleagues or teams from the list and adjust their availability in the same way as you can adjust your own (as described above) 

Finally, you can edit the availability for your whole firm in the "Company" tab. Changes you make in this tab will apply to all your colleagues (including you). This is great for setting your opening hours that apply for the whole company.

Please note that even though you (or your colleague) might have blocked certain time slots - which means that customers cannot schedule a meeting with you via a booking form during that time - you as a user of our tool can always plan a meeting themselves anytime they like.

Tip: if you have any questions left, please feel free to contact us via the online chatbox in the bottom right.

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