The reviews feature allows your guests to rate you after every video meeting.

Enabling the feature

To enable the reviews you need to go in your account to: Add-ons --> market. 

Customise questions

Go to Add-ons --> reviews.

You can customise three questions and have your guests rate you from 1-10.

Tip: make sure questions are short and to the point 😉

Where to find the reviews

You can find you reviews 3 ways:

  1. In your Dashboard (average review per question)

   2. In the Reports section. Here, you can see an overview of your reviews per question, average reviews and number of reviews:

 3. In the Meetings overview section. Here, you can see review details per meeting. Click on the "plus" icon on the upper left of the meeting you want to check and you'll see your ratings, wrap up, etc.

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