Scheduling a meeting means that you are the person who invites your customers to a meeting

To send the invitation you go to ‘Schedule New’ and choose a time/date and insert your guest’s email, name and/or phone number, etc. After the meeting is scheduled both parties receive an email invitation notifying them about the planned meeting. For the user (you) this meeting will be automatically added in your 24sessions agenda AND your personal calendar (if you have connected them). For your guest, it is possible to add the planned meeting in their own calendar via the email invitation. Bare in mind that an hour prior to the planned meeting, another email notification will be sent to both parties to remind about the upcoming meeting.

Getting booked for a meeting by customers mean that your customers book you directly in your agenda

24sessions allows you to have your customers book you automatically and hassle-free. 

This can be done two ways:

  1. Share the link of your booking form with your customers and they book directly in your agenda’s free slots.
  2. Embed your booking form in your website and have people pick a slot in your agenda and book you. 

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