You can schedule a meeting via the ‘Schedule new’ section:

Pick a date and time

Make sure you pick the time and date according to YOUR timezone. You will get to pick your customer’s timezone later and the invitation will be automatically sent in accordance with that.

Example: you’re in Amsterdam time (CEST) and your customer in New York time (EDT). You have agreed to schedule a meeting at 10 am EDT time which makes it 4 pm your time. Now, you will choose 4pm time in ‘Schedule New’ and then pick ‘EDT’ from ‘timezone’ below. That way both parties will receive invitations in their own timezone.

Note: if you pick a time and date and you get a notification that ‘time and date are not available’ that means that you have already scheduled another meeting via ‘Schedule New’ on that same time/date. What you can do in that case is either pick a random time and date, schedule the meeting and hop on it asap (in case you want to have the meeting at the same moment) OR arrange another time/date with your customer and schedule accordingly.

Fill in your guest’s email address, name phone number 

(available only if the SMS reminders add-on is enabled)

Pick the timezone of your guest

Choose a meeting type 

Write a message for your guest

 This part is not obligatory but you can write a message which will appear in your guest’s invitation email. It can be something like:

‘Hi Jess, hereby the invitation for our meeting. Looking forward to chatting with you!’ 

Click ‘Schedule meeting’

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