In ‘Meetings overview’ section you can find:

  1. All your scheduled, live, completed and expired meetings.
  2. All the scheduled, live, completed and expired meetings for your team. 
  3. The Live Now functionality.
  4. All recordings.

As 'Admin' you can see both your own and your team’s meetings. You can switch between your own and your team’s meetings overview by clicking the tabs 'My' and 'All'.

All meetings are sorted automatically on descending chronological order. The most important details such as User and Guest details, guest access key, status and date are available and be re-sorted.

What you can do with a scheduled meeting:

1. Enter room: enter the meeting room for your meeting. 

2. Change: reschedule, cancel or assign the meeting to another colleague. 

For more details on a specific meeting, you can simply click the plus sign at the top right. There you can see important information about a meeting that has already taken place like the Review, Wrap-up and Recording.

Tip: the aforementioned information will show only if the respective addons have been enabled.

Tip2: Please note that only users with '
Admin' role are authorized to activate/deactivate add-ons.

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