Add questions in your meeting type from:

‘Meeting types’ → ‘Edit’ → ‘Additional options’ → ‘Invitee questions’

Here you will find two options: ‘Your name’ and ‘Your email’ which you can keep or further customize to suit your needs.

Click on ‘Add new question’ to select the type of question you want to add to your meeting type. Choose between:

  • Open text answer
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Phone number*

In the field ‘Your question’ below, type the question you want to add to your meeting type. You have the option to make this a required question by clicking in the square box.

*This option is available only if you have enabled your SMS reminders addon and it is necessary in order for your guests to receive sms notifications prior to your meeting. Find more information about this here.

Tip: For more inspiration on how customized questions can help you have more effective meetings, click here.

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