When entering a meeting, it is possible that your guest is unable to complete our media check. There are three reasons in which this scenario could occur. 

  1. System is unable to find the guest's camera 
  2. System is unable to connect with the guest's microphone
  3. Your guest has stated that he can't hear our system check sound playing

Luckily it is possible for your guest to still enter the meeting room when he can't complete the media check. So how can he do this?

  1. Your guest always needs to make sure to check if the right camera/microphone/speakers are selected in the dropdown menu.
  2. If the right camera/microphone/speakers are selected and your guest still can't complete the check, he has to click on No to answer the question 'do you hear any sound?'
  3. He then has to click on the red 'enter meeting' button 

The system will then ask your guest if he is sure he want to enter the room

3. Your guest needs to confirm this by clicking on the red enter button to join the meeting.

Your guest has now entered the meeting. 

Please be aware that your guest may be unable to use his camera/microphone or is missing sound in this meeting. 

Our system will also notify your guest and yourself on the missing functionality in this meeting as displayed below:

Please contact us via the chat or via support@24sessions.com if this article doesn't answers your question!

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