When having a videomeeting it can sometimes be helpful to share your screen to provide your guest with some extra information on a subject with for instance a presentation, PDF or a particular website. 

In this article we'll explain step-by-step how to use a second screen when sharing your screen.

Step 1. Make sure the settings of the second screen on your computer are right.

For a Windows computer:

  • Right mouse click on your desktop to select screen resolution
  • Click on the multiple screens menu 
  • Choose to extend these screens

For Mac OS X

  • Click on the apple icon at the left hand top corner and select System Preferences
  • Select Displays
  • Click on the Arrangement tab
  • Make sure the Mirror Displays checkbox isn't selected

Step 2. You can now drag or open anything you would like to share in the second screen.

We recommend to open any documents or websites you want to share before the meeting for a smooth experience.

Step 3. When screen sharing in 24sessions you can choose to share your full first or second screen or use the application venster to select any programs open on your first or second screen

Step 4: Make sure the application is displayed neatly when sharing your screen.

Sharing a powerpoint or a PDF file without choosing the right display can be perceived as messy and distracting by the customer. The correct views for these applications are described below:

When sharing a powerpoint presentation, choose the 'read mode' 📖 at the bottom right. Make sure you do not choose a presentation mode.

When sharing a PDF, choose 'full screen' mode. Go to 'View' and then choose 'Full screen mode'.

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