The guest does not have a camera

If the guest already knows in advance that he does not have a camera, the guest can choose the 'no, voice only' option after entering the access code. The guest can then enter the meeting without any problems. No further action is required from the advisor.

If the guest has clicked on 'proceed', the guest will see the following message:

The guest can then click on the 'skip media check' to still enter the meeting without a camera. Our system will always ask for confirmation of this choice. No action from the advisor is then required.

 The customer does not have a microphone (and camera)

As an advisor, choose the 'audio by phone' option. Both the guest and adviser will see the following message. As soon as you both have dialed in, the audio will go through the telephone and only the camera stream or the shared screen will be shared with the customer.

It is also possible to advise the guest to opt for the 'skip media check' option. The guest then enters the meeting without a microphone (and camera), but the advisor can still see and hear it, and you can then contact the guest by telephone.

If a guest enters the meeting by means of 'skip media check', our system will always give a notification, as below.

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