Meetingroom 2.0

The guest gets stuck in the media check when our system cannot validate the webcam / microphone / speakers.

As an advisor, ask if the guest wants to check the following:

  1. Are the correct devices selected in the dropdown menu in the media check.
  2. In the case of external devices, check whether the cables are connected properly.
  3. Is the microphone input volume fully open at the sound settings?
  4. Check the volume of the computer sound.

If the above does not help and:

1. The guest gets stuck on the webcam.
It is then best for the guest to choose the 'skip media check' option

2. The guest gets stuck on the microphone.
Then choose the 'audio by phone' option as an advisor.

3. The guest gets stuck on sound.
Then choose the 'audio by phone' option as an advisor.

If a guest enters the conversation by means of 'skip media check', our system will always give a notification, as below.

Meetingroom 3.0

If a guest gets stuck in the media check, it's because one of the devices failed.

There are two simple solutions for the guest to enter the meeting anyway.

1. Enter the meeting with the failed camera/microphone/speakers.

When entering without a microphone or speakers, use the dial-in option to establish an audio connection.

2. Try to troubleshoot the problem.

If a device is failed an automatic troubleshoot will appear in the chat. The guest has to simply follow the steps that are shown to him. You as an advisor can follow the suggested troubleshoot options and the replies the guest gives. This way you can follow the troubleshoot in real-time.

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