Under the 'Reports' you will find the reports about the following three components: overview, agreements and users.


Here you get an overview of:

  • Number of completed meetings per week
  • Number of planned meetings per week
  • Total number of meetings per week
  • The average per review question per week
  • The average total review rating per week
  • Number of reviews per week
  • Average meeting duration in minutes per week

At the top of the page you can adjust the filters, to select the right range of the data and if possible group.


Here you can find all the details per meeting. You can apply different filters via 'select columns to display them in this report'. In addition, you can also select meetings based on the range of data and possibly a group.

The 'Meetings' tab is mainly used to review the review questions filled in by the customer per meeting.


Here you have a quick overview of yourself about:

  • Number of planned meetings
  • Number of completed meetings
  • Number of reviews received
  • Average review rating
  • Average review rating per review question

Here too you can adjust the range of data to select a specific period.

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