When entering a meeting, it is possible that your guest gets stuck in the process. 

Luckily, the guest can still enter the meeting despite the fact that he gets stuck somewhere. The guest can still enter the meeting via 'skip media check'.

Please note, if the customer enters the meeting via skip media check, make sure that you call the guest immediately.

No telephone number of the customer?

  • Ask for telephone number via chat
  • Switch immediately to 'sound via telephone'

When and where can the guest skip the media check

When the guest upfront knows he does not have a camera and/or microphone he can choose to skip the media check upon joining the meeting. Please see the picture below:

When the guest choses the 'voice only' or 'proceed' option and our system is unable to find and access to the camera and/or microphone they will receive the message below. Here the guest can also chose the skip media check option to join the meeting.

If the guest gets stuck in the media check, because our system in unable to connect to the webcam, microphone or speakers they can still join the meeting by clicking on the skip media check.

When a guest choses the skip media option our system will then ask them to confirm.

Our system will also notify your guest and yourself on the missing functionality in this meeting as displayed below:

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