Meeting room 2.0

There are two ways to add another guest to a scheduled meeting.

  1. You can enter the meeting room from your meeting overview and then add another guest (by clicking on 'add guest' on the right side). This guest will receive the same invitation email your first guest received. Make sure that you do not end this meeting with the red button, because then you end the entire meeting. You can just click it away in the browser.
  2. You can also send the accesscode of the meeting (which you can find in the meeting overview) and the URL where the customer can login to your guest. The URL would look something like: (yourinstance) In this case you only need to communicate te correct time and date to your second guest!

Meeting room 3.0

When a meeting is already scheduled you can invite an extra guest in two ways. Enter the call and click on the 'add guest' button:

  1. You can invite the guest by email. Enter the guest's name and email address. The guest will then receive a personal email confirmation with a link to enter the meeting.
  2. You can also share the link directly with the guest. Click on 'copy link' and all you have to do is share the date and time with the guest.

It is important not to end the meeting with the red button but with the cross in the tab! Otherwise you won't be able to enter the meeting the next time.

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