What is it?

The availability feature within 24sessions makes it possible to set a fixed availability for video meetings by blocking time slots for yourself, a colleague, a group or company wide. This availability will be used for the published booking forms. The booking forms can be used on personal level, meeting type level and group level. Read more about booking forms here

It is also possible to set an availability per meeting type. This makes it possible to route based on value. Value-based routing allows you to reserve specific time slots in an agent’s calendar for specific types of client meetings. This way, you get to give priority to those client conversations with high value. Read the article about Value-based routing here.

For example:

  • Reserve more time slots for your most valuable customer interactions

  • Easily route your high-value client meetings to the most expert agent

  • Limit the amount of slots per week for a certain (lower value) type of client meeting

  • Extend your opening hours for specific meeting types only

Furthermore, in the availability feature it is possible to connect your own agenda, so meetings that are already scheduled in your personal agenda, will automatically show in the published booking forms as ‘not available’.

Which agenda’s can connect?

  • Google

  • Office365

  • Outlook

What is needed to connect your agenda?

To connect your agenda we need to have the right access

In general terms

  • The app needs permission to check availability of a user within O365 (to check when a user is available in Outlook)

  • The app needs permission to write in Outlook (for adding 24s meetings directly to Outlook)

In technical terms

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • You control your agenda to make sure the time slot fits when video meetings are scheduled by your customers

  • Comfort when you as user book a meeting, you can choose that non available time slots will be left out

  • If your agenda is connected, a new video meeting will be directly published in your agenda when it is planned, without adding a manual ICS file.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Who can adjust the availability setting?

    • Every user with an own account can adjust their personal availability setting.

  • Who can set the availability for the team or company?

    • The user who has the role of ‘Manager’ can adjust team and/or company settings.

  • Do I need to connect my agenda with 24sessions to make use of this feature?

    • No, this is not needed. Both the agenda connection and the availability feature can work separate, but can also be used to enhance each other.

  • What are the costs of the availability feature?

    • Nothing, this is included in the platform and you can make use of it straight away.

  • What if our company only wants to show only a certain amount of time, for example 10 hours per week , blocked for video calling.

    • Yes, that is possible! You can block all hours around the 10 available hours that will appear within the agenda and/or published booking form. Read here how that works

  • Can anyone set-up the agenda integration?

    • In most cases the user can connect the agenda themselves. But it is possible that there an adjustment in settings is needed to give 24sessions permission to integrate with your (company) agenda. Try to connect 24sessions with your agenda, if an error message occurs, send it to your Customer Success Manager for help. Most likely it is easy to fix.

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