What is it

Booking forms allow your leads, prospects or customers to book a video call directly in the agent’s agenda. These booking forms are easily embeddable on your website, allowing visitors to book a meeting instantly from a web pagina or application.

You can create booking forms for:

  • Different groups

  • Meeting types

  • Agents

The available time slots in the booking forms will be based on the availability of the agents who belong to the group or are assigned to the meeting type. In this way you are always sure that the clients can only schedule a meeting on a time slot that one of your agents is actually available to help them.

There are multiple options of using a booking form in the customer journey:

  • You can embed the booking form via an iframe on your website.

  • You could also decide to create or use your own booking form, with the help of our API. Video calls that are then scheduled via your organisation’s booking form, will automatically be created in 24sessions as well.

  • The third option is to use the stand alone booking form of 24sessions, which is a specific url that you can direct your customers to from your website.

The 24sessions booking forms are customizable. First of all, you can customize the settings of the meeting it self:

  • Duration of the meeting

  • Duration of the time slots that are booked for a meeting

  • How many hours a customer at least has to make a booking before the meeting

Furthermore, you can customize the invitee questions that help you to gather the right information about the client when they schedule a meeting. Besides their name and email address you can for example ask for their (loyalty) card number, a short explanation of the question they have or for their phone number to be able to send them a SMS confirmation of the booking.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  1. You make it easy for your customers to schedule a meeting with one of your agents

  2. This saves your organisation time, since mailing back and forth to schedule a meeting is quite time consuming

  3. It helps you to increase adoption of the video channel

  4. Embedding the booking form on your website gives your customers a familiar experience. The customer stays on your company's website when booking the meeting, and is not directed to an external page. Your marketing team might value this well, since the journey continues on your website, and you don’t lose the customer when they schedule a meeting.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • How can you embed the booking form on your website?

    • You can embed a booking form with an embed code in an iframe on your website. A how to guide can be found here.

  • Which question fields can you add to the booking form?

    • You can add an open text answer, single choice, multiple choice or phone number field to the booking form. In this article you read more about this.

  • Can I change the branding of the booking form?

    • You are only able to change the color of the booking form. Textual changes or other layout changes can not be made. Does the look & feel of the stand alone booking form not fit to your organisation's brand book? Embed the booking form on your website or create your own booking form that is integrated with 24 sessions via the API.

  • Does the booking form take time zones into account?

    • Yes it does. The time zone shown in the booking form is based on the time zone of the customer's browser. The appointment is automatically booked at the correct time for both the customer and the agent.

  • What happens when there is no available block for the customer to book an appointment?

    • The booking form will show no time slots. It will be empty.

  • What happens when a meeting is booked with the available time slots?

    • When a meeting is booked for example May 15 at 1 pm, the available block for the agent assigned to the meeting is immediately removed from the booking form. When no other agents are available any more at that specific time slot, the 1 pm time slot will no longer be available.

  • Can I change the layout of the booking form?

    • You can only change the color of the booking form. No other layout changes can be made.

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