What is it?

What is the 24sessions Customer Experience Video Growth Model?

This is a model that introduces 10 pillars, each of which is relevant to fully integrate video as a new channel within an organisation.

The goal of the model is to create business impact with video. What this business impact entails, obviously depends on the department or organization that will implement video. Think of cost savings or an increase in customer satisfaction. The pillars of the model then offer support to realize the right steps towards business impact.

The model can be divided into adoption pillars - stimulating the use of the channel - and performance pillars - using the right software in a valuable way.

To realise adoption of the video channel, you need

  • Not only a project leader, but also Management and IT to set goals, realise processes and create links between 24sessions and own systems.

  • You also need to be able to communicate the value of video clearly. From both customer and employee perspective. What is the proposition around video for your organisation?

  • Marketing plays a major role in communicating the new channel to customers and the organisation internally. Forming a proposition is one thing, but it must be communicated proactively to gain traction.

  • But also the customer journey must be optimised, at which touch points are you going to offer video and how do you ensure that channel choice is with the customer?

  • Finally, you want to integrate video into the work of employees by adapting and automating processes but also by setting clear goals.

Besides adoption, performance has a major influence on impact:

  • Measuring is knowing, work data-driven.. It is relevant to link the data to the goals to generate insight.

  • But video must also fit into the organisation's architecture; for example, which systems should we link to in order to increase ease of use?

  • The software pillar is about deploying the right software functionalities that make the most impact on your goals.

  • Performance also depends on infrastructure and security, think of network requirements e.g. but also hardware of the quality of webcams and headsets.

  • And last but definitely not least - the employees. In addition to knowledge and skill in the technology of video calls, soft skills such as making a connecting via video are also relevant performance boosters.

In cooperation with the organisation, the 24sessions Customer Success Team advises short- and long-term initiatives on these pillars, to successfully implement the video channel.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this model?

  1. Turn the initiatives to optimize into concrete action plans

    1. For each level at each pillar, 24sessions has initiatives and advice to take the integration of video to a new level

  2. Benchmarking with other organizations and markets

    1. Using a working sheet, 24sessions developed the possibility to compare the level of video integration with other organizations in the market

  3. Keep track of progress on levels

    1. Plans are great, but keeping track of implemented initiatives and the milestones that still need to be reached is often difficult. The CX growth model helps 24sessions and their customers to keep track of progress and focus areas

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