What is it?

If you experience audio problems during a video call and you and your customer cannot hear each other properly or if you have a weak internet connection, you can switch to mobile thanks to the dial-in function. When you choose to dial-in the verbal communication will continue via telephone and the customer can still see you and your shared screen. But you can also use the dial-in functionality for other guests to join the meeting by letting them call into the meeting.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • If a guest that is already in the meeting experiences technical difficulties with the network connection for example, the guest can still continue the meeting by calling into the meeting.

  • If a guest dials in, you are still visible to your guest, if the guest hasn't disabled the video or left the meeting on their laptop you can also still see the guest and/or their shared screen

  • You can still share your screen with your customer.

  • The chat and document exchange are still available.

  • When a meeting is already set-up you can share the phone number with the guest who wants to call in and the pin code he needs to enter to join your meeting


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • I cannot enter the country code, how does it work?

    • The default country code is determined by the IP address of the guest that opens the dial-in function. But you can change you country code by clicking on it!

  • My meetings are recorded, will the guest via dial-in also be recorded?

    • Yes! From the moment that the guest enters the entrance code, the dial-in guest will also be recorded

  • Is this feature automatically enabled?

    • The dial-in function needs to be manually switched on. Contact your CSM if you would like to make use of this feature

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