What is it?

The email functionality of 24sessions allows you to customize automated emails per meeting type. 24sessions can send 6 automated emails to the guest (customer) and 6 automated emails to the employee (host of the meeting).

Guest (customer)

Host (employee)



Reminder (one hour before meeting)

Reminder (one hour before meeting)

Confirmation of reschedule

Confirmation of reschedule

Confirmation of cancellation

Confirmation of cancellation

Reminder to fill in review after e-mail

Review received

After-meeting note / summary

Wrap-up email with personal note / summary after meeting

You can entirely customize these emails, so you have 12 emails in total to customize. In these emails you can:

  • Change the subject line of the email

  • Change the content of the email entirely up to your choice. You can use the following standard options:

  • Apply a lay-out in your company’s style by using a HTML source code

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • Professional look and feel to increase the customer experience

  • Increase efficiency by:

    1. Saving time of manually sending emails on confirmations or changes

    2. Providing the customer with the relevant information to prepare them for the meeting (e.g. what documents do they need to have with them for the call? What information should they read through to prepare?)

    3. Send documents up front. You can add a document to an automated email.

    4. Adding options for customers to reschedule or cancel meetings. This reduces no-shows.

  • You can add email addresses in the BCC of all of these 12 emails. For example:

    1. Put your customer service in the BCC of the confirmation emails to guests so they are aware of the video calls that will take place

      1. Pro tip: a mail-robot can even retrieve relevant information from these emails and log this. Ask your CSM for more info

    2. Put a team manager’s address in the BCC of the ‘Review received’ email to hosts (employees) to see what awesome reviews come in and be able to compliment their team on a frequent basis


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • How does this source code work?

    • You can change the source code of an email which allows you to add buttons you made in HTML, add pictures (made sure these are hosted on a public service), signatures and even videos if you want to. In this article you can read how to actually apply a source code. You will also find our best practices/tips regarding these options.

  • Can we change the time on which the reminder email is sent?

    • No, unfortunately not. This email is always sent one hour before the meeting starts. You can however change the time of the SMS you will be sending the customer.

  • Can we add the time of a cancelled meeting in the cancellation email?

    • Yes, even though the meeting is cancelled you can still use the placeholder for time and date to indicate the initial time and date of the meeting.

  • How much time should there at least be in between a planned meeting and the time of the meeting in order to receive a reminder email (one hour up front?)

    • There should be at least 3 hours in between the moment you plan a meeting (e.g. 11.00 AM) and the time of the meeting (14.00 PM). In that case you will receive the reminder email at 13.00 PM. If you plan a meeting in less than 3 hours up front, you will not receive the reminder email.

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