What is it?

Next to scheduling meetings for a specific moment in time, 24sessions also offers the opportunity to use a direct call functionality: Live now.

With Live Now, a guest can request a call after filling in a name and email address in the Live Now form when there is an agent available.

At the top of the form, the guest can see if there is an agent available to answer the call. When there is no agent available, no Live Now meeting can be started.

After starting a Live Now meeting the guest will go through the same process as in a regular scheduled 24sessions meeting.


Live Now is a meeting type configuration. There are two options:

  • “Enable Live Now” to only allow Live Now meetings for this meeting type

  • “Enable “Both” to enable both Live Now and Scheduled booking

Availability & Agent Management

  • Availability toggle: Agents are able to set themselves available/unavailable with a click of a button.

  • Notifications: Agents are notified of incoming requests directly in the browser.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

With Live Now you will enable guests to get directly in contact with your organization via video without waiting time.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Is there also meeting data available for Live Now?

    • Yes, all meeting data is collected in the same way as is the case with scheduled meetings

  • Is the agent registered as available when there is a booked video call in his calendar?

    • No, the agent will not be shown as available when there is a booked video call at that specific moment or when a video call is about to start. The live now meeting type always takes into account the availability of the agent that is configured under ‘Availability’ in the instance.

  • How can an agent quickly register as offline?

    • If they're on the meeting overview > live now > just turn off notifications and leave that page

  • What should I fill in at the question "How many minutes to search for an available user"

    • The amount of time 24sessions will look for an advisor before ending the request (can be 5 min or e.g. an hour) > if no one is available after that time the request of the guest stops

  • Can the Live Now booking form be integrated on our website?

    • Yes, just as the booking forms of the scheduled meeting types, the live now booking form can be embedded in an iframe on your website. Via the 24sessions API you can also integrate the Live Now meeting type into your own appointment module for example.

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