What is it?

Meeting types allow you to create different types of meetings you want to conduct via video. Moreover meeting types allows you to fully customize and brand each individual meeting outside of the global instance settings.

Per meeting type the following customizations can be made:

Basic settings:

  • Meeting name

  • Meeting URL

  • Meeting duration

  • Length of time slots

  • Minimum hours between booking and first available time slot for that meeting

  • Who is assigned to this meeting

Additional options:

  • Invitee questions

  • Scheduling fields

  • Branding settings

  • Custom Endpage Redirect*

  • Email settings*

  • Recordings*

  • Review questions

  • SMS notifications*

  • Custom waiting room

  • Type of meeting (scheduled, live now, both)*

  • Conversational Analytics*

What is the added value

Why do our customers use this feature?

Customizing your meeting types simply allows you to customize the customer journey per the different types of conversations you want to conduct. For example, a mortgage meeting will probably require a different customer journey than an investment meeting. Secondly it can also be particularly useful if you have different brands under one instance and you want to customize the customer journey for these meetings accordingly. In addition customizing your meeting types will also generate a lot of value when analyzing your meeting data, you can simply filter per meeting type.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Can I customize the length of the time slots?

    • The length of a time slot to book this meeting is currently fixed at 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes and cannot be customized.

  • What will happen if we go over the meeting duration during a meeting

    • The duration of the meeting is purely an indication for the user and guest. If the actual meeting surpasses this timeframe the meeting will continue. A live meeting where both guest and user have joined can only be completed if the user presses the red hang-up button.

  • What is the maximum duration a meeting can have

    • A meeting type can have a maximum duration of 180 minutes

Best practices:

  • Be considerate of the amount of meeting types, if you create too many meeting types it could be confusing for your employees which particular meeting type they should pick when scheduling a meeting.

  • Pick a name for the meeting type that will also resonate well with your customers as the meeting type name will be displayed to them as well.

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