What is it?

SMS reminders are used to confirm a schedule or to remind a customer in advance of a scheduled meeting that the video call will start soon. The SMS will be sent to the phone number which has been filled in during scheduling of the call.

The content of the SMS is totally up to you. You can use several placeholders in the SMS to make it more personalized such as the name of your customer, the name of the host of the meeting, the name of your company or even the contact details of the host of the meeting.

There are three possible SMS notifications

  1. Send SMS confirmation when meeting is scheduled

    1. This notification will be sent right after the meeting is scheduled, together with the email invitation.

  2. Send reminder before meeting starts

    1. This notification will be sent x hours in advance, to remind the guest that the meeting starts within x hours. It is possible to send the notification up to 1 hour in advance. You can choose how long in advance it should be.

  3. Send the SMS at a specific time at the day of the meeting

    1. This notification allows you to set a specific time, for example 08.00 PM that sends an SMS to all guests that have a meeting planned that day. In this way you can inform the customer that their video call is taking place today.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • SMS notifications are great to incorporate in the combination of desktop and mobile journeys. The notification makes the meeting link easily accessible. The guest doesn't have to open their email to enter the meeting. They can simply open the text message and press on the link to enter the meeting.

  • The SMS notifications are also a good reminder for the guest that the meeting is starting in an x period of time. This decreases the no show rate.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Is it possible to also embed the possibility to reschedule or cancel the meeting?

    • Yes this is possible! Find the dynamic links here.

  • What placeholders can I use?

    • Find the dynamic variables here.

  • Is it possible to formulate my own text message?

    • Yes this is possible! You can make your own text message up to 160 characters in one text message.

  • Can I change the SMS messages per meeting type?

    • Yes you can. You can also choose to turn the SMS on or off per meeting type.

  • Is it possible to send a text message in the name of my company?

    • Yes! It is possible for a sender name up to 10 characters. Make note: you can’t change the name of the sender per meeting type

  • How long can one SMS be?

    • One text message can contain up to 160 characters. Do you have more characters? No problem! The extra characters will be sent in the following text message.

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