What is it?

The user & groups functionality allows you to add new users to your instance, create new groups, and assign certain users to a specific group.

When adding a new user you can:

  • Assign them to specific groups (the user will automatically be added to all meeting types that are assigned to that specific group)

  • Assign them to specific meeting types

After you’ve added a new user you can also assign different types of roles to this user.

You can find the different types of roles and accompanying permissions here.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

With groups it is very easy to make a distinction between different use cases. For example, you can compare the results of the mortgage advisors from specific regions. Furthermore, groups make it easy to manage the user administration. You are able to assign groups to specific meeting types, and you can also give users a managing role for a specific group. In this way, the manager can see all the results of this group (and not from other groups he is not assigned to).


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Is it possible to add a user without assigning them to a group or meeting type

    • Yes you can definitely add a user without having them assigned to a group or meeting type, but in order to conduct any video calls the user must be assigned to at least one meeting type.

  • Can I add/delete a user from a meeting type or group after the user has been added.

    • Yes you always have the ability to add or delete a user from a group or meeting type.

  • Can I change the user’s role after this has been assigned to him?

    • Yes you can always update the role of a particular user. Please note that changing a user’s role can impact the user’s functionalities within 24sessions.

  • I’ve added a created a new user but I cannot schedule any calls for him

    • When creating a new user it is important that this user activates their account (by setting up a password and login just once) before it’s possible to create a meeting for him or assigning an existing meeting to him.

  • I'm unable to assign a meeting to a colleague?

    • Please check if the person who wants to assign a meeting to someone else is part of a group and has the right role (group operator) to be able to assign the meeting to someone else.

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