What is it?

The 24sessions waiting room includes a virtual waiting room where the customer waits until the host of the meeting joins the call. Because only then the actual call will start.

The waiting room is simply an iFrame in which you are able to place a video, picture, slide or anything else you want the customer to show while waiting on the host of the meeting. You can also add some text to make the customer feel welcome immediately.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • Increased customer experience by making the customer feel welcome

  • Perfect possibility to inform the customer about (relevant) information. For example:

    1. A webinar that is coming up

    2. Product information

    3. A newsletter (or opt-in)

    4. A picture of your team / company to add a personal touch


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • What can I change in the waiting room?

    • Basically anything. You are able to paste your own source code into the iFrame. So you use our basic templates which you can find here (add a photo or video) but you can also get creative use the source code of your creation to display it in the waiting room. You can’t change the size of the iFrame.

  • Can I add a hyperlink in the waiting room?

    • Sure! You can add this in the HTML Source code and when people click a video / picture they will be redirected to the source you added.

  • Can I just insert any picture or video?

    • No, you need to make sure this picture or video is ‘hosted’ somewhere. E.g. in Hubspot or a video from youtube (public). If you simply add a picture you uploaded from your computer, it’s logical that not everybody has access so that will result in an error. We are sure your Marketing department has a location to host stock photos, ask them for the sharable source link and add this to the source code.

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