What is it?

Co-browsing is interactive screen sharing. The co-browsing feature allows meeting participants to interact with the same web page in real time. A participant can scroll, edit and click through a web page. For the other participant, these changes will reflect instantly on their own screen. The collaborative nature of co-browsing opens up possibilities beyond the scope of normal screen sharing. These include:

  1. When one person scrolls, the page will move for both participants.

  2. The agent can draw on the customer’s screen to direct their attention.

  3. Both participants can add and remove text and share the changes.

  4. Clicks made by one participants will impact the other in the same way.

What is the added value?

Why do our customers use this feature?

  • Customers can enjoy more interactive and meaningful support.

  • Agents are empowered to assist customers to a far greater degree.


What are the frequently asked questions about this feature?

  • Is it hard to set up?

    • No, 24sessions generates embeddable HTML code that can be simply added to the web page header.

  • Does it work on mobile?

    • Soon! Full mobile capability is on the roadmap and will be available in the near future.

  • Can the customer hide parts of the page from the agent?

    • Yes, through field masking. Any page element can be selected for masking. It will become blocked from any interaction or viewing on the agent's screen.

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