Do you experience any trouble with entering the video chat room and finding the access code? Here you can find answers to potential questions and tips for accessing a video chat meeting. 

1. Check whether you are using the correct browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Our software works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you are using one of the two aforementioned browsers for maximum performance. 

2. Go to your email to retrieve your access code

You can find your access code both the confirmation email of the meeting (you will receive this one directly after scheduling the meeting) and the reminder email (one hour before meetings starts).

  • Both you and your client can find the sent code for entering the video chat room in your mail.

  • In the left screen below you can find an example of how such email will look like and where to find the access code (red-circled) for a customer.

  • In the right screen below you can find an example of the email that will be send to the user him/herself in which the access code for the client can be found as well (red-circled). As a user, you do not use the access code to enter the meeting but rather login to your account and access the meeting from your 'Meetings' module.

If you cannot find the emails containing the session codes right away, you might want to check your spam box. The emails will be send from the following account:

If the customer is still not able to enter the video chat, please check whether he/she has not copied any blank spaces along. Hereafter, make sure to inform him/her to make sure to go to the right website URL link that has been provided via email. Please note that this is not the regular company website but rather a direct link to the video chat.

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