You can schedule a meeting via the ‘Schedule new’ section:

Schedule a meeting for yourself

First of all you have to select the correct time in the agenda.

This can be done by selecting either the correct day and time in the booking form or by manually entering the day and time.

In the booking form you can work with different filters:

  • Available (white). There is no block in your 24sessions agenda.

  • Blocked availability (yellow). This means that there is a block in your 24sessions agenda. This can be either a manually entered block or a calendar block if your own calendar is synchronized with that of 24sessions.

  • Blocked video call (red). This indicates that you have already scheduled a video call in 24 sessions.

Please note, you are always able to book over a blocked availability or blocked video call!

Once the correct day and time has been selected, you can enter the customer information. Information with an asterisk is mandatory

  • Enter the name and email address of the customer. It is possible to enter multiple email addresses here for a conversation with several people (up to a maximum of 5).

  • If necessary, enter the telephone number of the guest

  • If necessary, select the time zone in which the customer is located 

  • Choose the type of meeting

  • As an extra option you can choose to add a message to the invitation to the customer. Note that it is possible that this functionality is disabled in the invitation to the customer.

After you have entered all the details correctly, you can send the invitation and schedule the meeting.

Schedule meeting for someone else

First select the right user for whom you want to schedule the meeting

Planning the meeting works exactly the same as when you schedule a meeting for yourself.

When you schedule a meeting for someone else, the customer will receive the meeting invitation as if this colleague had scheduled the meeting himself.

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