The 360° Pilates workshops are an integral part of our educational offering and consist of 12-15 hour immersions into the Pilates method. Alternating short lectures with a vigorous movement practice across all apparatus, the workshops are designed to be a creative retreat for the Pilates enthusiast. Participants can expect to get their minds expanded, their notebooks filled, and their bodies reinvigorated.

The workshops integrate with 360° Pilates Online, giving subscribers not only a discount on tuition but also the benefit of perusing workshop-specific portions of the website for preparation and implementation of the learned material.

The workshop topics can be taken individually and in any order. They are inspired by original concepts and aspects of the Pilates method:

  • Mat Intensive – rediscovering the original Mat work
  • The Fundamentals – assessment and conditioning
  • Deeper Connections – the corrective work
  • Internal Shower – working from the outside in
  • Pilates Gymnastics – when exercise is about movement, not muscle
  • Tactile Teaching – becoming an apparatus of flesh and blood
  • Brains & Brawn – clarifying the balance of mind and body

For more information and to see where you can dive into either of these topics, visit our workshop calendar.

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