Once you have a dashboard set up, you will want to customise it by adding panels that are relevant to you.

Add a panel

  1. Select the '+ Add Panel' button on the bottom right of your dashboard.

  2. The add panel menu will appear, you can scroll through the list or use the search bar to find a panel. 

  3. There is an info icon next to the name of the panel which will give you a brief description of the information the panel displays.

  4. Click on the panel name or 'Add Panel' from the info popup to add the panel. 

  5. The panel will be added to the bottom of the screen. Select OK to remove the overlay, the mask will disappear and the panel will be displayed. 

  6. You will see a 'Connect' overlay if a panel is disabled. This means that you don't have the data provider connected for that panel or you didn't describe your farm completely.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of panels you can add to a dashboard, which means you can add many versions of the same panel. This would be useful when wanting to frequently look at the same dataset with different metrics selected.

Rearranging panels

You can move your panels into an order that makes the most sense to your needs.

  1. When you hover over the panel name the cursor should change to a hand. 

  2. Click and hold down the mouse, the hand should look as if it is gripped. 

  3. You can then move the panel to where you would like it positioned on the dashboard.

NOTE: You can only move panels on your desktop.

Delete a panel

  1. Click the panel menu, three lines icon on the top right of the panel.

  2. Select 'Delete' from the options on the panel menu.

  3. Once you click the delete button, a mask will appear asking you to confirm. You can choose to cancel or delete.

NOTE: When you delete a panel, all settings saved to that panel will also be deleted so when you re-add the panel it will have the default settings selected.

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