You can get your cow numbers from two places depending on your data provider connections and how you describe your farm.

  1. MINDA LIVE - If you have MINDA LIVE connected, you can link your herd code to your farm. Agrigate then populates all of the panels with the latest MINDA LIVE cow numbers with the exception of the Finance panels (Cashflow, Cost of Production and Profit and Loss).

  2. Farm Source - If you have Farm Source connected, you can link your farm to pull the cow numbers from peak herd size.

NOTE: The accuracy of these numbers depends on the data you have entered into MINDA LIVE and Farm Source.

Last Pickup panel cow numbers

The cow numbers from the last pick up panel displays the number of cows for your farm at your last pick up date. If you are expecting different cow numbers, it could be because your cow numbers are from the last pickup date, not today's date.

If you have corrected your cow numbers on MINDA LIVE or Farm Source after your last pick up, those values won't be reflected until your next milk pickup.

If this is not the case and Agrigate is displaying cow numbers that are still different from MINDA LIVE or Farm Source, let us know via the blue chat bubble at the bottom of the screen and we'll investigate further.

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