The Multi-farm Dashboard brings together data from multiple farms into one dashboard for quicker, easier comparison. A Multi-farm Dashboard is effectively a combination of Farms you have created and/or Shared Dashboards that you have been given access to so you can compare against each other on benchmarks like milk production, kgMS/cow/day, kgMS/ha/day and SCC. 

NOTE: Multi-farm Dashboard is a premium feature. To access this functionality, you need to be on a free trial or paid subscription of Premium for $14.99 / mo + GST. For more information on how to create a Farm click here.

Multi-farm Dashboard Example 

The example below tries to explain how three Farms might be linked together by a user to create Multi-farm Dashboards.

  • In the example above, the user has linked together the Farms named Home Farm, Waikato Farm and Southern Farm to create a Multi-farm Dashboard named 'All Farms'. 

  • The user has also linked together only the Home Farm and Waikato Farm (leaving out the Southern Farm) to create a second Multi-farm Dashboard named 'North Island Farms'.

As seen in the example above, you are able to assign a Farm to more than one Multi-farm Dashboard enabling you to create different views for different combinations of Farms.

How to create a Multi-farm Dashboard

  1. Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Click on 'My Farms' from the account menu.

  3. Under the heading My Farms, select 'Multi-farms'.

  4. Give your Multi-farm Dashboard a name.

  5. Select all the farms you want linked into your Multi-farm Dashboard by ticking the check-boxes. 

  6. Save the Multi-farm Dashboard by clicking the blue '+ Create Dashboard' button.

NOTE: Farms that both farms you have created and farms that have been shared to you can be combined to create a multi-farm. For more information on creating a Farm, click here.

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