• A Farm is a digital representation of your farm(s). 

  • Farm information is provided from the Data Provider(s) connected to your Agrigate account.

  • By selecting Farm Information from each Category, the Categories become linked together to represent a farm.

Example Farms

In this example, the user has linked together the Farm Information below to represent "Innovation Farm".

  • Milk Production - Farm Source (DSN 73373)

  • Herd - MINDA LIVE (code PDGY)

  • Health - MINDA LIVE (code PDGY)

  • Pasture - MINDA LIVE (Innovation Farm account)

  • Accounts - Figured (New Zealand - Dairy Farm)

How do I create a Farm?

You can create a Farm by selecting the relevant assets from the drop-down box associated with each data provider. Drop-down boxes will only be editable for those data providers that you have connected to your Agrigate account.
Find more information on connecting and managing data providers. 

If you already have an Agrigate account, go to the My Farms page. If you are signing up, flow the steps below in signup.

  1. If you already have a dashboard created and would like to add another one, select the "+ Create a Farm" button on the left.

  2. Give your Farm a name.

  3. Select the categories that link together to represent your digital farm. You can select: Milk Production from Farm Source, Herd from Farm Source or MINDA LIVE, Health from MINDA LIVE, Pasture from MINDA LIVE, Nutrients from HawkEye, and Accounts from Figured. Note: Categories will only be available if you have the data provider connected

  4. Click on the Save button to save your Farm. To get back to a farm dashboard, click on the application menu in the top left corner and select the Farm to view the dashboard. 

How do I delete or edit a Farm?

  1. Select the Edit Farm button.

  2. From the edit farm view, make changes to the Category drop downs to edit your Farm. Or select the Delete Farm button to delete the Farm.

  3. Select the Save button.

Connecting & Managing Data Providers
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