What data should I see in Agrigate?

What permissions you will need in Farm Source, MINDA Live, Figured and FARMAX

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What data should I see in Agrigate?

Agrigate displays information from the data partner user accounts (such as Farm Source, MINDA Live, Figured and FARMAX) that you have connected to your Agrigate account. Farms, herds and other account information that you have access to in these underlying data partner systems will be available to view in Agrigate. In some cases, the amount of information will depend on the level of access you have within the underlying systems.

You can manage access for our data partners on the Manage Data Providers page.

Farm Source - milk production data

You must have full Milk Production & Quality (MPQ) access in Fonterra Farm Source to see these farms in Agrigate.

To view Farm Source ONE access levels click here or navigate here via the Profile Menu (click your name in the top right when logged into Fonterra Farm Source) and selecting Business Settings. Navigate to the Staff & 3rd Party Access screen. 

For help with Farm Source ONE account access and permissions contact 0800 65 65 68.

MINDA Live- pasture & livestock data

When logged into MINDA Live select the Manage Access button in the top right of the MINDA Live main dashboard.

For help with MINDA Live account access and permissions please contact your LIC Farm Solutions Manager (FSM); find their details here: https://www.lic.co.nz/contact-lic/.

Unfortunately, we do not support the integration of MINDA Pro due to the limitation of the data received from LIC.

Figured - financial data

When logged into Figured, navigate to the Settings Menu and under the Access and Security section choose People.

For help with Figured account access and permissions please contact support@figured.com.

FARMAX -  pasture & supplementary feed data

You'll need to connect your FARMAX to Agrigate as a Data Partner first. Once connected, log into FARMAX to update your monitoring file. When you save and close out of the monitoring file, FARMAX will send your latest Feed Intake data to Agrigate.

More detailed instructions are attached. Contact the Farmax HelpDesk on 0800 327 629 or at support@farmax.co.nz to get connected.

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