We have released Milk Benchmarking, the Multi-Farm dashboard and Nutrient Application on Agrigate. 

Milk Benchmarking

This new panel lets you have a look at and benchmark your current milk production performance to other comparable farms. 

Choose a farm address, specify the farm system, peak herd size, herd breed composition, stocking rates and effective milking platform. Then compare.

You’ll see how you compare on kgMS, kgMS/cow, kgMS/ha and SCC.

Multi-Farm dashboard

The multi-farm dashboard brings together the data from multiple single-farm dashboards for quicker, easier comparisons. 

Compare your farms against each other and against selected benchmarks on key metrics including:

  • Milk 
  • Pasture 
  • Production

Nutrient Application

The Nutrient Application panel lets you monitor product ordered from Ravensdown at a nutrient level (N, P, K and S). You can display your nutrients ordered in kg or kg/ha units. 

Agrigate incorporates your Ravensdown Annual Plan so you can see how the product ordered so far stacks up against your Annual Plan. Plus, set notification levels to help you monitor over or under application of nutrients.

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