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About billing, our free trial, how to pay for your subscription, change payment methods and cancel

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Agrigate has been available at no cost for everyone since we launched in February 2017 and will continue to be with our Basic plan. However from 12 April 2019, users will be able to upgrade to a monthly subscription of Premium or experience a free trial.

How will I be billed for Premium?

  • Agrigate is charging a monthly subscription for Premium, where users are invoiced for one month at a time.

  • The price of Premium is $14.99 + GST ($17.24) per month.

  • Billing is per user e.g. one flat amount regardless of the number of dashboards/farms a user has set up.

  • Users must opt-in to being billed for their subscription.

When will I be billed?

For subscribed users on a Premium plan, GST invoices will be sent to you on the working day previous to the 25th of each month. The invoice will be sent to the email address that you provided when you selected your payment option (at the end of your 30 day trial).

If you selected to pay via your Farm Source Stores account, no action is required. The charge will appear on your monthly Farm Source Stores statement.

30 day free trial

Can I get free trial of Premium?

If a user has not redeemed their 30 day free trial of Premium, they will be given 30 days free before subscribing. After which, they can head to the My Subscriptions page and click 'upgrade'. Select Premium, enter their payment method and details to subscribe to a subscription of Premium for $14.99 / mo + GST.

How do I get a 30 day free trial?

If you haven't yet used your free trial, head to the My Subscriptions page  and click 'Upgrade'. Select the Premium option, then click save. A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to start your trial. When you click confirm, your trial will start.

What happens at the end of my trial?

After the free trial, a user will be taken to the My Subscriptions page to confirm if they want to continue on the paid Premium plan or use Basic. If they choose to continue with a Premium plan, they will be taken to choose their payment method and enter their details. If they choose to continue with a Basic plan, they will be downgraded so access to their multi-farm dashboard will be revoked. We will not automatically charge a user for a paid subscription without their confirmation after their trial.


How can I pay?

At the end of your trial, you will need to confirm a payment method. You can change your billing method.

You can pay in 2 ways:

  1. Charge it to your Farm Source Stores account

  2. Pay by bank transfer 

Note: There is no credit card option.

How can I change my payment details?

Head to the My Subscriptions page and click the edit button. The form will appear which you will be able to edit as you like.

How do I cancel?

I am a paying customer, how do I cancel my subscription?

You will need to downgrade to a Basic plan at no cost.

  1. Head to the My Subscriptions page and click the edit button. 

  2. Select Basic and then click Save. 

  3. A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to downgrade your account. When you click confirm your account will automatically be downgraded to Basic.

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