Step 1: Create your account

Go to the Agrigate account registration page or from the Agrigate website, click 'Get Started Now'.

From the account registration page, you have three ways to create your Agrigate account. 

  1. Farm Source - using the same email and password so you don't have to remember a new login.

  2. MINDA LIVE - using the same email and password so you don't have to remember a new login.

  3. Email - if you don't have either of the above, you can create an account with your email address.

Step 2: Connect your account to Data Providers

Next, you'll be taken to the Manage Data Providers page to connect your data providers to your Agrigate account. A Data Provider is the on farm system or tool that you will connect to your Agrigate account which we will pull your data from.

Click the 'Connect' button to be sent to the sign-in screen of the Data Provider where you'll verify your credentials and link the data to Agrigate. Below is the list of information available from the Data Providers on Agrigate.

  • Farm Source - milk production and quality data

  • MINDA LIVE - pasture and livestock data

  • Figured - financial data

  • HawkEye - nutrient data

  • PaySauce - payroll data

  • FARMAX - pasture and supplementary feed data

NOTE: If you connect both Farm Source and MINDA LIVE to your account, you'll be able to login in to your account interchangeably between those credentials.

Step 3: Describe your farm

Create your digital farm by linking together the information that’s currently sitting in different systems. The Data Providers connected determine the information linked together to represent your farm.

You'll be taken to the My Farms page to create your first farm. Click on 'Create my Farm' to start describing your digital farm.

  1. Enter your farm name.

  2. From each category, select your farm/supply number. And from the Herd and Health category, select your herd code.

  3. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save your digital farm.

  4. Congratulations!  You now have an Agrigate account set up.

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