The platform has a growing list of actions and functionalities that you can incorporate into your campaigns. Various touch points have been designed to engage your prospect across multiple outreach channels, so you can run well-rounded campaigns and create endless leads that drive results.

Here's a guide how to create your multi touch multi channel campaigns that achieve hundreds of Hot Leads and Meetings booked for your business.

1. Click Create New Campaign

To start a new campaign click create new campaign on the Campaigns page on the platform.

2. Enter Campaign Name and click Add Search

Here is where you will give your campaign a name to familiarise yourself with the target prospects you're engaging with and the purpose of the campaign.

Here you have the option to Switch "ON" the following features:

  • Linkedin Premium accounts refers to all Linkedin users in your list which have a premium account. By switching this feature on, you will only engage with those users.

  • Include people I talked to before refers to any people you have entered into a campaign before on the platform or spoken to on Linkedin before.

These two features are automatically turned off unless changed by you.

Next step, is to click "Add Search".

3. Click Add Search (List building)

Here is where you select which type of Search or link to which type of list for your prospect targeting.

For this we would recommend to use the "From Search URL" option which refers to a Search created using your Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Simply copy and paste the link from your Linkedin Sales Navigator search into this box and click add search.

Tip: There is a scroll to select how many prospects you would like to add into the campaign. We would recommend selecting the manual.

Tip: In this feature you can add multiple search links and types of lists into one campaign. This is useful if you want to run a campaign from multiple different sources.

3.a Creating a Campaign targeting people in a Sales Navigator Search result

To create a campaign using a Sales Navigator search result. Simply copy the link in the browser into the search feature on the platform.

Tip: Best results are generated with more focused lists of up to 2.5K max prospects.

So try to make your list smaller if possible.

This is where you should be filtering your search and copy the search URL within your Linkedin Sales Navigator on your Linkedin account.

Tip: You don't need to use your own Linkedin sales navigator to make a search unless its for 1st degree or 2nd degree which refers to people you are connected to or may know/ have a mutual connection.

3.b Creating a Campaign targeting people who have engaged with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Post

To create a campaign using a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Post link. Simply copy the link of the post by clicking the three dots and clicking copy link to post into the search feature on the platform.

3.c Creating a Campaign targeting people who are attending an event

To create a campaign using an Event link. Simply type in what type of event you'd like to target the event attendees and copy the link in the browser into the search feature on the platform.

4. Click Add Step (Messaging)

Here is where you will build your Outreach Messaging touch points in your drip sequence.

Click Add Step, and this pop up will appear where you can select which type of Outreach you wish to run.

You have the following engagement features available: Connection Request, Connection Request by Email, Linkedin Inmail, Email, Perform Action, Enrich Profile and Send Webhook.

Tip: For your campaign we would recommend running Linkedin invite campaigns, Linkedin inmail campaigns and Email campaigns touch points in separate campaigns for maximum results. To do this simply create a new campaign or click duplicate campaign and create a new search.

5. Select the Time Delay and Add New Step

Once you have created your first Outreach touch point, make sure that the time delay for the first touch point is always 0days and 0hours. For the next touch points make sure to add the time delay after the previous touch points.

Tip: For best practices on time delays please contact your Dedicated Account Manager or live chat support.

When working on your campaign you can always click save as draft if you want to come back to it later on.

When you are ready to launch the campaign click Start Campaign and it will go live instantly.

6. Campaign is live!

Hooray! When your campaigns are featured here in the Campaigns page your campaigns are live.

Tip: If you want to turn "OFF" your campaigns off or pause them simply click the Blue Toggle next to the name of the campaign.

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