This section will explain how you can connect your Linkedin and Email account.

1. Connecting your Linkedin Account

Click "Get Started" to begin the process.

Choose the Location where the Linkedin Profile Lists it's Location. Also choose the location where you will be logging into the account via your mobile and computer.

Tip: If you cannot find your Country, don't worry pick the nearest country. It is still safe.

Tip: If you are accessing your Linkedin account regularly we would recommend to tick the option "Use My Own Proxy", this is where you will be able to set up the same location IP as yours, by using your Proxy IP instead of ours.

Here you should select the Time Zone and Times you'd like to send messages to your ideal prospects.

We'd recommend 9am-6pm or earlier than 9am or later than 6pm depending on when you feel your prospects will be checking their messages and more likely to reply.

Here we include the Linkedin Email and Linkedin Password to connect the account.

Once entered, give the platform 2-3 minutes to pass the authentication process. Sometimes it can take up to 5-10 minutes. If nothing appears, reach out to our live chat support.

Enter the Linkedin Verification Code in the Box on the Pin Code Platform

It will send you a verification pin to your email associated with your Linkedin account. Enter this code into the box on the platform. If you can't see the box, simply click on the "Bell" top right and you will find the message which says enter your pin.

After then, once the tick appears and it says your connected you have successfully connected your Linkedin account!

2. Connecting your Email Account

Click integrations to go to the section to connect your email account.

Select the email account you have

Your email account is either a Gmail, Outlook or Another Email Account. Click on the one that applies to you.

If it's not a Gmail or Outlook account, click Email via SMTP.

a IF Gmail/Outlook enter in your Email Username and Password

b IF SMTP enter in your SMTP settings

You can find these details in your email settings. Or if you search on Google.

  • The SMTP Server is usually

  • The IMAP Service is usually

  • The Port Number is usually 465

  • The Username is the Email Username

  • The Password is the Email Password

Once your email account appears where the Connect via SMTP button is in the Integrations page you will have successfully setup your Email account on the platform.

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