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How To Create A Bitcoin Savings Plan On Bitnob
How To Create A Bitcoin Savings Plan On Bitnob

A step by step guide on how to create a bitcoin savings plan (DCA) on Bitnob.

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Saving in Bitcoin is a great way to hedge against inflation of fiat currencies; and employing an investment strategy such as Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) instead of a lump purchase, is a smart way to protect your asset against the price volatility of Bitcoin, thereby protecting you from loss, long term.

To create a Bitcoin savings plan, follow the steps below:

  • Tap "Actions" at the bottom of the homepage

  • Tap "Savings"

  • Tap “Create a Plan”

  • Tap "Bitcoin Savings"

  • Input a name for your plan

  • Tap "Next"

  • Input the amount you want to automatically fund the plan at set intervals

  • Tap "Next"

  • Choose a debit frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Tap "Next"

  • Set a lock period for your plan (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)

  • Tap "Next"

  • Set your start date

  • Tap "Proceed to Payment"

  • Select your Payment Source (the USD wallet is chosen as default).

  • Tap "Next"

  • Tap "Start Plan"

  • Congratulations! Your Bitcoin savings plan has been successfully created.

Tap here to create a Bitcoin savings on the app with ease.

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